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lunes, 28 de enero de 2013

Prequalification process for second phase of Ouarzazate CSP complex launched

300 MW more to be deployed. 100 MW tower and 200 MW parabolic trough

24 January, 2013

The Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy (Masen) has announced on January, 23 the prequalification process for the second phase of the Ouarzazate CSP complex has kicked off.
The Ouarzazate CSP Next Program, as it's named by the agency, seeks to develop 300 MW of CSP at the site, where a first phase has begun to be built by the winning consortium comprised by Saudi's ACWA and Spain's Aries and TSK. The first phase includes a parabolic trough plant of 160 MW with three hours of solar thermal storage.
Masen has launched a request for qualification process to select potential sponsors to develop this second phase through the Independent Power Producer (IPP) scheme, consisting of the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of one or more CSP plants with a total capacity of about 300 MW.
According to Masen's press release, the Ouarzazate CSP Next Program is divided into two separate projects; on one hand a tower type plant with about 100 MW and on the other hand a parabolic trough plant with 200 MW output, both projects are intended to have thermal storage. Applicants may submit proposals for either one of both of the projects.
Masen wil sign a Power Purchase Agreement with the bidding winner for 25 years and will provide the land at the site. Masen "strongly encourages" the applicants to procure locally part of their equipment and components, as one of the targets of the Moroccan Solar Plan is to create a compettive solar industry in Morocco.
The applicants will be selected for each of the projects through a competitive bidding process. The projects will be awarded to the applicants that make the most advantageous offer to Masen according to criteria to be disclosed in the Request for Proposals to be issued yet.
According to the Request for Qualification (RfQ), Masen contemplates to take a stake between 20% and 30% in the Project Company* and the O&M company.

Key points of the RfQ

The deadline for submissions for this prequalification process is March 18, 2013 (10:00 am Moroccan time).
Lead member must have a net worth >$400 million ($600 million if applies for both projects)
For tower project
  • Experience of 1.5 GW developed CSP (projects with a minimun cost of $200 million, from 2005 to date)
  • At least one parabolic trough plant higher than 45 MW or one CSP plant (any kind) at least rated at 100 MW
  • Tchnology provider: at least a 100 MW plant or at least a 2.5 MW tower plant
For parabolic trough project
  • Experience of 1.5 GW developed CSP (projects with a minimun cost of $200 million, from 2005 to date)
  • At least one parabolic trough plant of 45 MW or any other CSP plant of minimun 100 MW
* Note: means the commercial company incorporated under Moroccan law for the purposes of the considered Project and owned by (i) a Prequalified Applicant (or in case of a Consortium, by all or part of its members) selected as the Successful Bidder in accordance with the RFP requirements and, as the case may be, by (ii) Masen or its relevant subsidiary.

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