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martes, 4 de diciembre de 2012

Argentina moves into CSP with 20MW plant

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Calchaquí Valley, Argentina

By Jason Deign

Argentina may have taken its time waking up to the potential of CSP. But it can hardly be accused of hanging around now. Just a few months after the first official moves to support solar thermal energy, the country has already announced its first grid-connected project.
To be located within the Calchaquí Valley, 7 km north of San Carlos, Salta Province, in the north west of the country, the 20MW parabolic trough plant will cost USD$100 million, with financing from Europe and China, according a government announcement last month.
SolarNoa Argentina, a solar power developer focusing on renewable energy in the Jujuy, Salta and Tucumán provinces, has contracted Heilongjiang Zhongjing New Energy and Harbin Turbine Company of China to build the plant.
Although no start date has been announced, construction is expected to take 18 months and involve up to 300 workers. A mirror plant will be created within Salta Industrial Park to support the build out of a 72-hectare solar field.
SolarNoa says the Chinese companies will build the plant under a turnkey contract with a three-year post-handover operations and maintenance period and a 25-year operating guarantee. The plant will be designed with a 35-year lifespan.

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